Time to get this project started! I was on the hunt for an OG paint bug pre 64 and as luck would have it, after spending several months casually searching for a bug this one popped up on Samba and it caught my attention. It was a super OG 63 in ruby red which is a color I love! OG paint, and in rock solid condition. I knew it was the right car for me after talking with the owner and so I sealed the deal and bought the car.

Some additional shots of the car show just how nice it has been preserved.
Perfect front apron

heater channels are super solid

Factory undercoating kept the pan completely rust free and in incredible shape.

This is how Ruby Looked when I bought it. Ok for most, but I had some other ideas for it. 

The night Ruby came home

I was already making plans that first night. The car was in amazing shape. Zero rust, not even surface rust on any of the metal and the pan was really straight. The car had some accessories that weren't to my taste, and the stance was not quite right but all that was going to change.