So the plan was made and the day finally came to build Ruby.

My buddy had just purchased this 58 and it was staying with me for a few months so Ruby left storage and came to my house while the 58 took her spot in storage.

The last shot before she went into the garage.

Seats came out, Carpet came out, floor mats out. Also the restored OG steering wheel went in after the VDM wheel was sold. Much better.

So far no surprises, just rock solid metal all over.

I was really surprised to see that under the rear seat was not thin or rusty at all. The factory tar board had kept all the metal nice and the undercoating under the pan had done its job to keep the metal solid. Easily the nicest pan I have had, but then again, this car is much newer than most of the VWs I have had in the past.

I decided to try chipping off the tar board but that was nothing but a giant mess.

The drivers side took me almost an hour so I decided to stop on that project until the body was off. Oh yeh, the body is coming off this one Smile