A comparison shot of the OG paint before and after some buffer action.

And here is the After shot. Light pressure, very light cut but tons of gloss.

Its hard to top those old VW single stage paints.

The motor is currently going together but to catch up on the pre build, I had the machine work done to the case.  I started with a 1600 single port B case that had a pretty easy life.

This is the motor that came with the car and ran pretty well aside from some minor carb issues I talked about on page one. The case was checked and given a clean bill of health so the 1800cc build could start.

Internal machine work looking fresh and new

I then masked off the holes and started to shoot the case in single stage Black.

I see guys do this with aerosol cans and it never comes out looking quite right. The single stage is nice and smooth out of the gun and as an added bonus, with the correct prep it won't flake off like spray paint.