So here comes an update on my preservation project. The last few items on the car just fell into place recently. As I stated before in this thread, this car is an original Econo Motors sold bug so finding a plate frame had always been on my to do list. Last week a repro frame popped up for sale so I grabbed it. Its not OG, but it does the job and looks the part so Im happy with it.

Those frames are surprisingly hard to find for being a repro but thankfully the search is over. I also finalized the engine wires and fuel lines, tucking them back and away as much as possible. I also vented the breather to atmosphere to release the crankcase pressure. I added the missing allen headed screws to the front tin after I took the photo, and called the engine complete.

So the morning of the Classic, I hopped in the bug and made the 65 mile drive up the 5 freeway to the show. It was by far the longest drive I have ever taken in the bug and the first time on the freeway since the build. The car ran flawlessly and did a good job of staying with traffic. I parked in the DBK display and hung out for a few hours.

The ride home took 3 agonizing hours due to LA traffic! I went from 65/70 mph to 10 mph for long stretches and it sucked but I have to say, the little car just putted along like a champ and never got hot, never complained, nothing. Im sold on the reliability of this car and it proved itself to me. On the way home I stopped at the same spot the car died on me a few days after I bought it when the carb spit its plug out. I like the before and after on these pics.

What a transformation!