SO, this is where we ended up. Starting on Wed morning with a bare pan, by Friday the car was assembled and body was back on. Not bad for 3 days of steady working on it. I have to admit that looking at the car now, it came out better than I had planned on and yes, I think I may have overdone it on the fasteners and polishing but Its nicer than I imagined and I like it. After we made it a roller we pushed it outside for some photos. It really was a great feeling seeing Ruby match the picture I had in my head when I first tore her apart and those Detailed Fuchs look awesome!

So as of today this is where the car is in the build process. I have some buffing left to do on the body and then it will go off to West Coast Classics to get the head liner installed and it will come home and have the glass, carpets, rubber and chrome installed before the motor goes in. Still a bunch to do but it looks like a car again and its very close!