Front end ready to go on with polished caster shims, just because Laughing

We went with our 6 inch beam for this build to get a very tucked in front end for the Fuchs wheels and brakes we plan to run on this build. 

I decided early on that if I was going to go this far with the car I was going to get some really nice hardware, no hardware store junk. I used ARP polished fasteners for all the suspension parts and button head allens which I polished myself for all the other parts on the pan. Beam hardware is ARP as well.

We slid the trailing arms in after they got the 3 coats of gloss black and 3 of clear.

Moving over to the trans I got the Trans mount on the front and ready to install.

From there we got the torsion bars in and new bushings.

nd followed that up with the spring plates.

And finished it off with the powder coated cover and polished allen head hardware.