Motor build in full swing on the 1800 Single Port.

A quick run down on the motor specs. I am running a Counterweight 74mm crank, H beam 5.4 rods, Machine in 88mm pistons, Empi 100 cam and straight cut gears. Heads are the OG single ports that were stripped, cleaned and machined to run bigger valves, mild port job and match ported the manifolds to my ICT Weber carbs. I chose HD Single Springs for the valves. I ran 1.1 Empi HD rocker set ups on HD shafts. The formula for this single port mini stroker is pretty simple and I expect the motor should be a really solid performer.

I powder coated the carb tops, covers and manifolds in semi gloss black. Waiting on my black plugs to arrive but this is the idea.

And a shot of my front apron after the last glazing. Thats a pretty strong OG paint reflection.