My wheel of choice this time and pretty much every time are our AVW Chrome and Detailed Fuchs in 4.5 and Deep 6's for the perfect look! Tires are my standard fit 125x15 Firestone fronts and 205/70 Firestone rears...

Front tire all mounted up.

To run the drop plates that I plan to run on this car, the rear bump stop metal snubber needs to go. Easy job that I will save until the body is off.

I also picked up my first batch of "smalls" from Powdercoat. The Gloss Black looks awesome compared to what I started with.

I took my seats up to Lenny at West Coast Classics and he knocked them out with some of his killer seat covers. That gray is going to look awesome in the car.

Seat frames powder coated and covers on. I also picked up my headliner and carpet kit so the interior is done!

Of course I couldn't resist positioning a wheel or 2 just to see where this was all going.

Thats motivation... all thats left now is everything Smile