So now that the pan is off getting coated and I have some time, I decided to get the trans up to Benco for a rebuild and upgrade. Its the stock 6 volt trans and it looks to me like it had never been out of the car. The inside was ground out for the 12 volt conversion someone did in the past. Other than being pretty ugly, it seemed to function ok.

So I took it up to Benco and we are going with a 12 volt freeway flyer trans, powder coated case and axle tubes, Late throw out bearing conversion, HD shaft and HD side plates. It should be a killer box when its done and look 100 times better than this mess. Now its just a waiting game.

So with some free time I decided to try my luck at removing the factory undercoating all over the underside of the body. Again, the OG paint under there was most likely going to be in mint condition since the coating was put on when the car was new so I was't about to go after it with a razor blade or screw driver. I tried the diesel fuel and scrub brush but that did nothing but waste 1/2 a day and make the car stink Smile I decided the best bet would be to get the coating super hot and scrape it with a soft scraper. I broke out the heat gun and picked a few rigid plastic scrapers at ACE hardware. I shaved the ends of the scrapers into point to give them some bite into the rubber coating. I put the head gun on high and concentrated on a spot about 1x1 until it was super hot, then with the scraper the rubber coating just slides off.

It takes some time and every spot needs to be wiped down with Acetone after the rubber is gone to get the leftover adhesive off the paint but if you go slow, this is what you get.

It took me just over and hour to get this far and a few more hours should finish this wheel well. After Im done removing the rest of the undercoat I will buff all the paint to seal it up.