With the body on it was really cool to see the OG paint body and the fresh pan come together so seamlessly. Literally NO rust on this car anywhere. Its so easy to build a rust free car like this.

I stuck a 1/4 Inch wheel spacer on for now but I have a 1/2  spacer and longer lugs to install later. I want the rear poked out just a but more. Here you can see the Porsche Pattern rear Disc brake kit as well.

Now we were ready to get the steering box installed.

But first the billet cap and chromed rag joint connectors with polished hardware.

Personally I really dig the old meets new parts on this build, Like the OG column and the new steering components.

New powder coated tie rods and Steering Damper installed.

Wrapping up some loose ends on the chassis, we safety wired the shift coupler and put the cover on.

And back inside I installed the gray powder coated Ebrake handle with new gray button. It should match the interior and carpet very nicely once I get to that step of the rebuild.

At this point the brakes were bled, trans was filled, and parking brake cables were run and set. Everything functioned perfectly.