It was sitting just a bit too low before but we raised up the rear some and now its perfect. After that I took the car out for its first test run. It went really well. Not much in the way of fixing that needs to be done. I can also say it is surprisingly fast!

First time out of the garage under its own power since the tear down and It felt great to drive it again.

This is where the stance ended up. I like it.

Headed out for a test drive around the hood.

side shot of how it sits now

And there it is, the car is done! Literally no stone left unturned, everything is new with the exception of the body and paint. It was a massive undertaking when you consider that every component was restored, customized or detailed in some way. I learned a ton from this build and I feel pretty lucky to have not made any mistakes along the way. I could never have done this without a few great friends. Biggest thanks to my good buddy Jason at Murco who I did the vast majority of the reassembly with. I plan to get the car out  this year so if you want to see it, come by and say hi. Until then I will be putting some miles on it to work out any issues. Its been a fun build and it feels good to be done with it and ready to enjoy it again.