I got my motor back a few weeks ago now and it has been sitting as I tended to other little projects. Its amazing how much time gets eaten up painting parts, polishing fasteners and generally doing small jobs that really won't get seen but its all part of the fun. I have been dry assembling the motor parts over the last few days. Here are some random shots...

The plan is to have every part be either Black, gray, or Chrome.

One of the main reasons I chose these valve covers is because I really dig the safety wire option. Just another detail to add to the car.

I pretty much figured that I would have to do some altering to the tins to make them fit. Im sure these parts will need to be powder coated again. The cyl head tins fit way too close to the port for the manifolds to fit. These will get trimmed up

Chrome 009 distributor.

Got the long block up onto an engine stand finally. I fitted up the A-1 Sidewinder exhaust set up. I have used them on at least 6 other cars and they always fit up great.

I also added a 356 style breather in chrome. Never used one before but I like the look so I went with one for this build. Here is the engine with the tins laid on just for fun.

Last thing I added was the fuel pump but of course I couldn't leave it alone... Base and clear black like everything else. 

Thats where its at right now. I will be doing some tin fits next!