Well the final push to get the car done just happened and here is the run down of how it went.

Firstly I finished dressing the motor and got it going for break in, tune it and then dyno test it.

I really hate excess clutter on the motor where you can see it, so I did my best to hide, reroute and tuck back as much as I could. I made the carb balance tube out of stainless and then polished that. I also tucked the fuel line up behind the shroud and ran the breather tubes from the valve covers out of stainless and polished them too. It seems to be a tight fit back there, but it will all work and access to the back of the motor isn't bad.

The coil will also live back here on the left side of the shroud so things will be tight but with proper planning, everything has a home, and from the front, the motor will look clean and minimal. Just what I am after.

My 1800cc is fully dialed in and running sweet. Its a single port remember so it was never going to be a fire breather but it definitely surprised us. It put down 71hp and 91 lbft or torque with a fat curve!

Check out that graph! We were all impressed with the motor, for being a small stroker it sure put up some good figures. It ought to be a great little low stress motor.