Here is a trick I came up with that you won't see anywhere else! After stripping off all the bolt on parts from the pan like the shifter, brake, etc I decided to tackle the tar boards. Lots of guys will just chip into it with a screw driver and a hammer, or use a heat gun and then try to pull it up but both of those methods leave lots of nasty tar you still have to deal with. I decided to go a different route. I bought several pounds of dry ice and then a few bottles of isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol which you can get at a drug store. Break up the dry ice in a large bucket and add a few bottles of the alcohol to it and presto, you have liquid nitrogen, sort of WinkMix them together and then pour it on the tar board, it will immediately start crackling and making noise. Thats the tar board freezing and pulling off the pan. After the noise slows down, about 2 minutes, grab the tar board with some thick gloves and it will pull right off the pan leaving no mess!

And after about 40 minutes the flat pans were done.

The center tunnel was more of the same method but I used some metal to keep the ice mixture on top of the tunnel.

And here is the finished product

There you go. Don't say I never showed you any of my tricks!