Small detail things inside got done. I changed all the knobs to gray and added new chrome rings behind them.

So the car was basically to the point where it was ready for interior and since I wasn't about to tackle my own headliner install, I booked it into West Coast Classics to get that work done.

Towing at night kind of sucks...

So the next day I headed up to WCC and met the car there along with Lenny to go over the interior job.

The plan was to install the headliner, windows and door panels and carpet kit while it was there. Here it is part of the way through.

And here it is when I showed up to pick up the car a few days later.

And finally back home.

I decided to have a new windshield installed since my original one was bubbling pretty badly around the edges. The rest of the glass I cleaned up here at home before taking it to WCC with some polish and it looks as good as new.