So after jumping around to a few other projects on the bug and doing some prospecting on the undercoating removal which looks like it will go well, I decided to get the motor apart and see what I had too work with. By doing the tear down work myself I figured I would save some time by doing the dirty work myself. Motor is a B case, 1970 1600 Single port that ran pretty good. I never gave it a tune up or tired to make it perfect when it was in the car, I just drove it. Since Im going through all the effort on this car, I decided why not do the engine and try something new that I haven't done before. I have had 1600s, 1641s, 1776, 1835, 1914, 2007, 2276, and even a 2332 and each had their benefits. All were dual port. I did some looking around when planning this motor. Mainly I wanted to see what was possible with keeping the single port heads. I ran across an interesting combo of a mini stroker 1800cc engine which uses a 74mm crank, and 88mm pistons for an easy no machining required stroker motor. 

It was not an engine I had ever thought about and I liked the fact that I already had many of the parts already. I had some H beam 5.4 rods I never used, an Empi 100 cam, and so I bought a counterweight 74mm crank and the thick top pistons to round out the engine. I also have a new set of Empi EPC carbs so those are going on this engine along with an A1 sidewinder header and muffler. Heads will be the OG single ports that will be reworked and valve jobbed. It won't set any land speed records but it will have nice power and probably live forever. I will be posting about the build in the near future.

My motor came apart pretty simply, and no surprises. All parts inside were stock and I could not find any evidence that the motor had ever been rebuilt. The case is nice so thats a big relief too.

So far everything looks nice and stock. Now we start the fun part of the build!