Another quick update but one that has been in the works for a while now. When I started this project I knew there were a few "must have" parts that needed to be on the car. The Fuchs were one of them, full circle horn ring was another, and a locking Berg Shifter was the last one. Way back in April when I was rounding up parts for the build I stopped by Berg and attempted to buy a locking shifter but they told me they were out of stock... No big deal, I would wait to get one on the next batch but that batch had No ETA. For whatever reason, they have no parts in process and no idea when or if they will have more locking shifters. OK, so I bought a standard Berg shifter and figured I would be happy with that, but after getting the car this far, I knew it wasn't what I wanted. I scanned Samba for a locking shifter thinking I could pick up a used one but none were for sale. I searched for a few months, nothing came up. Its actually easier to buy an OG DDS or Empi shifter than a modern Berg locker... pretty funny.

So after months of searching, an ad popped up of an NOS locking shifter and I jumped on it. The shifter was a straight version which isn't what I was after but i had the curved version that I could swap into it so I pretty much had all the pieces that I needed to make the shifter I wanted.

Once it arrived, I tore it down to just the bare castings.

After getting it all torn down and cleaned up, I took it to powder coat to get the base and top plate done in the same gray as my E brake handle and engine tin. The center plate I did in gloss Black to match up with the rest of the black on the car. Im pretty happy with how it all came out. Its hard to get a good photo of the colors but here is what I have for now.

And all back together with the curved shifter and in the car.