Since I went this far, I decided it would make sense to rebuild the door windows and renew the rubber since it was dead and cracking everywhere. Here is what it looked like after years of use. Peeling chrome, puckered rubber and cracks everywhere.

After taking out all the rubber the channel was in excellent condition.

Wolfsburg west vent windows went on with really nice chrome and perfect fit. Divider bar chrome too and fresh rubber. It was kind of a nightmare getting the vent wing rubber seal in but in the end some WD-40 did the trick and lots of prying with a plastic screwdriver.

I did myself a favor and bought the German scraper/trim and the fit was excellent. The Brazilian stuff I have seen is no where near as nice. In the end it was a tight fit but the roll up glass goes up and down very smoothly and the vent windows open and close up super tight.

After this I stuck the car outside for a few hours in the sun and the rubber smoothed out some. A day or so in the sun will finish off the job. Im really happy with how this came out and it was well worth the time invested to do it. Visually it cleans up the look of the car. No more dead rubber or peeling chrome!