With the motor fully dialed and ready to install I figured it was time to get this car finished so I was able to convince my buddy Murco to come back down and finish the car with me. We started on Saturday and finished up Sunday by dinner time.

This is where we started:

First order of business was to cut, reroute and extend all the engine wires so they could be cleaned up, and hidden. Jason did an awesome job of making them tuck into their new homes behind the motor as much as possible. Then I got the car up in the air to get the motor in.

its pretty nerve wracking at this point because everything is detailed and painted so any scratches would suck. going was slow...

Once the motor was in we laid the new extended harnesses out so they could be cut to length and hidden. This worked out really well because you can make them exact.

And this is how it looked with the coil behind the shroud, all power wires hooked up. Pretty clean.

Carbs going back on

All hooked up now. I plan to reroute the distributor wires and oil pressure wire too but for right now, it just needed to function.

Overalls of the motor in and tin on.

Once those last few wires are hidden it will look super clean, exactly what I was after. One thing that popped up after the motor was in, was that the car was super low in the back.

Although it looks awesome, its just a bit too far down for me so we reindexed the drop plates by a few inner splines to get it back to the right height and called it good.