I knew from the beginning of this build that I was going to need to upgrade the axles. Stock IRS axles really don't like to be put in extreme angles and on a lifted car they would really not like it. Going to either bus or 930 axles was the plan and for me it really came down to getting what I needed without going overboard. I landed on a type 2 axle conversion.  To do the full conversions I started with the type 2 drive flanges for the trans. These were installed when the trans was built so they were ready to go. From there I grabbed a pair of the Type 2 Conversion stub axles. To bridge the gap between the two I chose the conversion axle kit.

These kits come with everything you need, axles, boots, CV joints and the grease to pack them. Trust me, use gloves and lots of paper because it makes a mess! Putting the axles together was very easy and the finished product is very high quality. 

With the axles done and installed that wraps up the rolling pan. The drivetrain is in, brakes are done, and the body is ready to go on. Its nice to step back and admire just how far this car has come so quickly. This was a throw away car that needed literally every single bolt taken out and the full pan to be renewed before we could get it back to a usable foundation. Body back on will be next. Stay tuned!