Welcome to our 1972 Project Highwheeler build. Lets get this thing started with some back story.

So here is how I got here. Over the last 2 years I have been searching for exactly the right 69-72 bug. My criteria was pretty simple, OG paint, no rust, no repairs, and as untouched as possible. I mostly collect/play with earlier cars and figured it would be easy to find a late model that fits those requirements but boy was I wrong! It took 2 years and at least a dozen potential cars that turned out to be junk to finally find the right car for this build. I never would have guessed it would be this hard to find this car but it sure was. Im glad I held out though as the car I ended up with was exactly what I was after and I didn't have to compromise any of my wants.

I was on Instagram one morning looking at posts and happened across a photo of a bus and in the background I could see the font end of what looked like a late bug. I went to the profile and found a full photo of the car and immediately sent a DM to the owner asking about the bug and if it was OG paint, and was it for sale? The answer was yes and yes! This is the first image of the car I saw. It looks like a well used but unmolested late model, exactly. what I was after.