Pushing on with the pan build I got the rest of the front end dialed. First up was how to raise the car up front without the negative effects of cutting and turning the beam. It seems like a lot of people go this route but by doing that it really puts so much pre load on the torsions causing the car to ride like a buck board and although for a race car that may be fine, Im not building a race car and I want to enjoy driving this car in all types of environments. Cut and turn was out for me. I also thought about possibly doing adjusters in the beam but that would just cause the same problem. A buddy of mine let me know he had some lift spindles from another project he had shelved and after seeing them I decided to go with those. They look very sturdy and seem to made from a pair of original spindles with a dropped plate and new spindle spuds giving the lift. After a cleanup and trip to powder coat along with the torsion arms and fresh high angle ball joints I put it all together.

Fresh rotors with bearings, seals and dust caps to finish off the brakes.

The last thing I added was the Wilwood Calipers I posted about. These along with some braided steel brake lines as well.

Now that the front is done I will get the wheels on it and get it to the roller stage in short order.