Its been very busy over the last few weeks but the project car build hasn't stopped. After a quick bath I decided to really see what sort of shine I could get out of that OG paint. First step was to get the major grime off the car by giving it a bath. This gives you an idea of the flatness of the paint.

You can see that killer fade from factory yellow to the primer under it. I will polish this section on the side of the hood first. Here you can see from the reflection test that there is, well, no reflection Very Happy

After one pass with a light compound you can see the oxidation is gone and there is a very noticeable shine coming back. Compare to the above photos and you can really see it come to life.

The left side has been buffed now and you can really see how much color is left on the hood.

Towards the bottom the shine is very apparent. The hood was one of the more sun damaged spots on the car having faced the hot Arizona sun for much of its life. Results like these give me hope that the finished product will really be pretty amazing.

The final buff on the car will be done with more prep work and a better compound followed up with a polish and a finishing glaze to lock it all in, but that is a ways down the road.