Picking up from the front end build, I slapped the wheels and tires on and pushed my giant skateboard outside for the first time since tear down to see what I had. Stoked is not even the right word... I was beyond excited. Have a look.

All that black powdercoat really ties everything together and will protect this car for years to come.

A lot of you have asked about the rear truss bar kit. I put them up in the NEW section of our website for more info or to purchase so head over there or use the link above.

The Highwheeler definitely  sits tall and proud like I wanted.

Just need to add some shocks to the front end and it will be wrapped

Its funny to see the chassis next to my K5 Blazer. They have about the same group clearance now. The Highwheeler is on 29 inch tires and the Blazer is running 33s.

I just couldn't resist the giant skateboard opportunity. How cool would this be?

A few small things left and then I can put the body back on and get going on finishing this build. Stay tuned!