So now that I had potentially found the right car I asked for some additional photos. Since the car wasn't actually listed "for sale" I really had nothing to go off of aside from the car being rust free and OG paint, the most important things in my search. I received a few additional photos that showed that the body was excellent, the pan was not bad, and the interior was atrocious but in tact. Here are the photos I received.

The fact that the car was pretty complete, and it came with a motor was just a nice bonus. I could tell from the photos and from talking to the seller that the pan was pretty crusty but I was fine with that since the car was going to come all the way apart anyway.

With all the photos, and discussion with the seller I knew I had finally found the right car for this project. I pulled the trigger, paid the seller and I was now the new owner of this 2 owner, sad but solid 72 bug. Now honestly, yellow is not my favorite color by far but when it comes to OG paint, you take what you can get and I'm fine with yellow on this car. I know that it will have the most epic patina fade once I buff this thing out.