Staying at the back end of the car I got the spring plates on. From off road cars I have had in the past I have found that the happy medium for a lifted IRS car is right at 25 degrees of preload on the plates. This gives you about 2 inches of lift when the plates are in their installed position. To make it easier I notch the bottom of the plates slightly to maintain the strength of the plate but also give you some down travel without riding on the housing. You also get the benefit of tightening up the ride from the extra preload.

I also got the trailing arms assembled with urethane bushings, new bolts and spacers. These were powdercoated to match the pan of course.

Lastly I got the rear brakes all assembled as well. Fresh powdercaoted backing plates, new internals and fresh brake drums. Im sticking with the 4x130 bolt pattern for this build. Capping off the rear are these killer Mobelwagen Interceptor wheels in 15x4.5 all the way around. Those wheels are rolling inside of Deestone 7.00x15 gnarly tires. These things stand really tall and narrow which will give the car the exact look Im after.

Now its getting exciting. I now have an idea of what this thing is going to look like when its on all 4s. Still a way to go but since its like a giant Lego set, it all goes together pretty easily now.