Time for another update. When I got the car I noticed that the existing carpet in the car was soaking wet, and it had been for a long time. On tear down it became obvious that the wetness had taken its toll on the not only the pan halves but also the pedal set as well. Here is what I pulled out of the car. You can see the massive corrosion on the base.

The lower parts of the pedal arms were badly rusted and honestly I didn't think any of this cluster was usable.


So I went back to Pedalworks who built the last cluster for me in my red patina build. I sent them a few photos of what I had to work with. Luckily Scott over there has a large supply of OG good quality pedal cores to build from so I put my original pedal set right in the trash and bought a set from Pedalworks. I went with a powdercoated set with the roller pedal upgrade and cruiser accessory gas pedal as well. I also went with the upgraded clutch cable shaft with the bolt on cable mount. I have used all of this in the past and its mandatory for me. The pedals arrived super fast and the end result is show quality which is a far cry from what I started with.

These will be going on the car very soon as the pan build goes into high gear.