Now its time to focus on the details involved in getting this car back together. To that end I decided it was time to focus on the interior. I have always planned on running a full interior in this car, headliner included, so having a nice finished and detailed interior is an important part of this build. That started with breaking the old seat frames down.

Everything took a quick pass through the blast cabinet to dust off all the OG black paint.

All the seat components went to be powdercoated in Gloss Black before they went for Upholstery. I decided to go with a nice matching gray to the engine tin color I chose. I went with a semi matte soft touch gray on the seats and door panel stitched up in a pre 55 Oval H pattern for the seats. I think this was a good way to make the highback seats look an little more interesting.

Im very happy with how these came out and I think its really going to tie the cars colors all together.