Finally pulled the car inside and started to tear it down. First step was to get it off the ground and asses the nightmare of separating the body off this super rusty pan. As I said at the beginning, the floors are very soft and rusty since the carpet seemed to have gotten wet either by flood or just constantly being drenched and left to soak which rusted out the pan halves very badly.

Surprisingly the body has no rust, zero at all. Very lucky for a car that was neglected and left outside. Apart from some paint deterioration under the old master cylinder reservoir, it was only dirt that I found on tear down. No hacks, no head scratchers. Under hood area is really nice, just dirty.

The biggest bonus and shock of the day was that every single bolt came right out like butter! Not a single one broke or got tight. I got really lucky and I know it. After getting the body on stands I lowered down the pan off the jack and instantly saw daylight between the two for the first time since this car was built. I was honestly a little worried I would find some big issues or more intense rust problems but that just wasn't the case. All of it was contained to the pan halves and the rest of the car is just fine.