In the last post I got the short block set up and buttoned down. From there I started on the top end to get the motor to the long block stage. First up was getting the piston and cylinder set up on #3 so I can set up compression.

For this combo I typically like to see 8.0 compression or 8.5 with this 110 cam but for this build I decided to drop it down a bit to 7.6 which is on the safer side but will still deliver plenty of power. Once I had the compression ratio set up I slid on #4 piston and cylinder to get ready to get my pushrod length dialed in.

On this build our kits include HD 1.1-1 rocker kits and although I could have opted for a 1.25 rocker kit with my cam choice, Im sticking with the 1.1 kit.

From here I dropped in my adjustable pushrod and started to go through the pushrod length procedure.

To cap off the long block Im running these new Repro Race Trim Valve covers. I will be adding a bung to the end for my breather setup.

That completes the longblock buildout. From there I started adding some of the other parts like my Doghouse cooler.

For exhaust I am running the A1 Class 11 stepped header and muffler setup. These are great where ground clearance is important while still making great HP. I love how it all tucks up nice and neatly behind the apron.

At this point I was planning to run my tin in Dove Gray which is a color I use a lot. I ws pretty happy with how it looks and since its powdercoat it will be very durable. I started to assemble the tin on the engine.

I also added one of our Gloss Black alternator kits for some contrast to the gray tin.

I also use these welded race fans which I powdercoat black because, why not. Very Happy

Now you can see the original scheme for the motor coming together. Black and gray.

I also shot the fuel pump in singe stage to match the rest of the black parts and help it blend in too. I also added a set of Black Compound Built Engine Tin Hardware.

The alternator stand gets powdercoated black and I add a filler/breather to match.

And it was at this point that I thought I was done with the motor... but I was wrong. Sure it was good looking and going in the right direction but the more I worked on the car (stay tuned for that next time) the more I realized it just wasn't special enough. Honestly Im sure just about all of us, me included, would be beyond happy with it just the way it was but since this car is so over the top, I wanted the motor to be just that much more interesting. SO, I will show you how that went down soon!