So now that the pan is fully dialed and built up its time to get the body back on. With the exception of a few small things, the rolling chassis is road ready and building a car this way really makes it so much easier to touch every bolt, assembly and system. I filled the trans with fresh dead dinosaur juice and rolled it outside for some shots next to the body one last time before it goes back together.

Look back at the before shot of the body next to the OG condition pan and you can really see just how far this build has come so far.

Next up I pulled all the glass out of the car to lighten it up some. I also pulled off the fenders for the same reason.

And from there 3 of us lifted the body right onto the pan. It all went on without a hitch.

I couldn't resist hanging the fenders back on the car to have a look at where the car was headed. It has the look for sure that I was after. Sitting tall and proud over those knobby tires, Im really happy with the direction this is going.

Now the detail work begins. The entire car will get a proper buffing and clean up. New wiring going in, and some upgrades. Ill be starting the motor build as well very soon.

Here is a short video of the body install.

Give it a watch and stay tuned for more soon. Very Happy Be sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel for more videos coming soon!