So with the seller paid and the car ready to go I got a buddy of mine to go grab it from its home in Arizona and bring it to my place in San Diego. The car had spent its whole life out in the sun and heat of AZ so clearly this was what kept the body in such great shape. The sun definitely bleached out the paint but left a killer fade which is just begging to be buffed. Up until this point I have never actually seen the car in real life. 3 days after I bought it, my buddy calls me and says to walk out into the street because he is backing it down the alleyway. I went out with my camera and snapped these first look photos:

First impressions were good. It was exactly what I was expecting. A very solid and well used bug. Paint was really chalky but there is a ton of color left on this car and it will shine up for sure. The body is ridiculously nice. There was one dent in the hood which I pushed out with my palm in 30 seconds and that was it. The rest of the car is crazy straight. The inside, that's another story. Im not a late model guy, but for a late model, this car is pretty killer.