Ok, finally got some time to edit the photos down to a website friendly size so here we go with the engine build. From the start I had thought I was going to go with a 1600cc motor to give it more of a Class11 style motor build but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I just wanted more. More power, more options and more customizing choices so I settled on on our our AVW Street Performance 1776 long block kits. These kits are great for street cars with plenty of power, torque and a fairly simple build.

I was lucky to have one of the last new magnesium engine cases on the shelf here so I went with that but typically this kit comes with a new Aluminum case. First up I had all the rotating assembly balanced and then started with bearing fits.

Cam choice was always going to be our go to Engle 110 for this build on a straight cut cam gear set. Starting the assembly I cleaned everything and then cleaned it all over again Very Happy . Standing the crank up in the Lightweight flywheel and started to assemble the crank.

Rods are Pro Series I beam rods which I have had good luck with so I run them on all our kits. I also went with the Pertronix billet distributor setup with a Jaycee clamp.

That all got installed after the drive gear went into the case half. Next I set the crank into the case half and lined up the bearings on the dowels.

Next the cam went in and the gear dots were lined up for proper timing.

From there I dropped on the other case half and that completed the short block build.

So far, so good. Next time I will get the long block built out and show you where we are going with this build.